8 Reasons To Choose A Girl With Complicated Past

Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? We all want to avoid being with someone who has so many complications to offer. But dude, you are missing the point. She may have a lot to offer than you might be thinking now. Confused? Let me explain!Woman Sitting by the Seashore during Day

1. She knows the pain – She has experienced the heartbreaks and how much pain they cause. She’ll be hellbent not to cause the same suffering and pain to anyone else. She won’t break your heart ever.Free stock photo of light, person, people, woman

2. She knows what she wants – She’s not going to be that sort of a confused, muddled up person. Every breakup only acquaints us a little more with ourselves. We know what kind of partner we would want in future. We understand ourselves better. So does she! She won’t leave you for anyone.

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3. She loves hard – She has experienced hatred, rejections, heartbreaks in her life and isn’t ready for more of it. When she finds you and begins to appreciate your love for her, she won’t really let you go away from herself. Her love will be true and complete.
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4. She’ll tell you how she likes to be treated – She isn’t the sort of a person who readily agrees to whatever you say, the way they show it in old sitcoms. She won’t let you make her your emotional dumping ground. She’ll teach you how to treat a woman well and will make you a better person.

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5. She won’t waste your time – Once she’s in with you, she’s in for her life. She knows what she wants from life. She isn’t anymore experimenting with her life and your company. She knows holding on can be more painful than letting go.
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6. She is independent – She has already put her faith in another man before you and got it burned. She won’t let it happen again. She won’t abandon herself completely to your whims. She knows she needs to be emotionally strong to face any hardship that might come her way. She won’t need you but always want you and appreciate your company.
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7. She is strong – Unlike other girls who break down easily, she knows her strengths and weaknesses. She knows how to handle her life and emotions. She isn’t invincible but close enough. She knows what to expect from life. Her decisions would be more realistic and sensible. Her strength would keep things alive.Woman Wearing Hippie Glasses

8. Her love is lifelong – She isn’t there to play immature games with you. She wants a true love now. She can’t trust anyone with this. She isn’t going to let you sneak into her so easily and so early. She would test your patience and truthfulness at every moment of time. Once she trusts you completely, you can see the beautiful woman, gasping for love, hardened by the ravages of time, and yet so sublimely caring and loving.

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