Here Are The Tricks To Detect Hidden Cameras In The Trial Room

Cameras were made to capture a moment that we don’t want to forget or want to watch it again and again. As time changes, people started uses these cameras as a security feature which helps people and also many cases are solved with these type of cameras. We all know that there are also some bad factors of every good thing. So, cameras also have some bad factors that anyone can click a picture of anyone. People also started using these features of cameras for bad work; many shopkeepers started putting hidden cameras in girl’s trial rooms to watch them while they are changing clothes. It is also illegal but people still doing these type of things. Girls have to be aware of these cameras, but mostly girls don’t know how to find out these cameras. You can follow below steps to find out if there is the hidden camera in the trial room or not.Related image

1. Many shopkeepers started using the fake mirror to capture clips; you can easily set camera behind these fake mirrors and capture any activity easily. These fake mirrors exactly look like a normal mirror, but there is one way through which you can find out these fake mirrors. The only thing you have to do is to place your finger on the mirror if you find any space between your finger and mirror than that mirror is the real mirror, and you don’t have to worry. But If you there is no space between your finger and mirror then it is the fake mirror.

2. If you are not able to decide that after doing the previous trick that if the mirror is real or fake then you can also try one more trick to find out that if the mirror is real or fake. The only thing you have to do is to knock mirror twice. If you heard the voice of emptiness, then that mirror is fake. You can try it much time to get confirmed result.

3. If mirror of that trial room results to be real, now you have to be sure about other ways to hide cameras in the trial room. There are also other ways to hide cameras in the trial room; you can check your mobile for finding the camera. If there was no signal on your mobile and you can’t call anyone, then there will be a camera in that trial room. Because in this case, the network will not come into your phone.

4. There is one more way to be sure about cameras, as the only thing you have to do is to turn off lights for once before changing clothes. If you capture any green or red light anywhere in that room, then it means that there is the hidden camera in that trial room.

5. Some cameras are also motion sensor which means that they’ll only turn on or start working if there is some movement occur in front of that camera. So, if you heard any voice even the slightest sound in the trial room then be alert. You can also use a camera detector which is available in the market easily.

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