10 Uncomfortable Things Nobody Wants To Admit In A Relationship

Relationships, if they just involve wonderful dinner parties, surprise gifts, excursions and the rest, they’re so charming to get involved in. but this is all at the surface. Once it starts to develop, so many things begin to appear and demand your attention. That is when the nastier phase of the relationship starts. You have to sacrifice a lot, compromise a lot and put up with things you swore before you would never put up with. Yes, if you are looking for a solid, long-lasting relationship, there are certain truths you need to admit about relationships.

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You have to lose before you win – You have to face many disappointments before you find your true mate. People have dated three persons but still, haven’t found the right match for them. That’s really troublesome. As the French put it, c’est la vie,such is life!

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Things $uck – The sooner you understand, the more prepared you would be to face the ups and downs of life. There’s gonna be illness, disagreements, struggles, disappointments. That’s the truth! Love stories may start as fairy tales but will never remain so.

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Don’t go for picture perfect couples – Some couples are obsessed with taking selfies in Tahiti or skydiving with the picturesque scenery behind. You stop comparing yourself with such couples. It may seem they are so many together. But you can’t compare your “ordinary”, humdrum circumstances with their “highlight reel”. Look for those who give you happiness.

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You can’t get more than you give – Most people look for energetic, lively partners. Girls dream of triathlon winners but they can’t resist eating their favorite Hot Pockets. They expect their partner to hit Crossfit 5 days a week but themselves can’t take a 2-minute stroll in the backyard. You got to be realistic. If you are lazy, the other person is lazy too.

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People expect too much from the other – Some people expect way too much from their partner. They expect their partner will make their lives heavenly. Yes, you need acertain minimum level of expectations from your partner to fulfill. However, you are stressing the list of qualities way too much. Be a little flexible. Understand nobody is perfect.

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Actions speak louder than words – Simply telling them how much you love them isn’t enough. You need to consistently put in efforts to show your love for them. Your relationship is the acid test of your keeping your words.

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Your picture doesn’t translate into reality – You may have pictured your happy moments, with your children playing in the backyard on a beautiful evening in your lovely home. But the truth is, it won’t happen! Your happiest moments are never gonna hit you the way you expected them to.

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You have to be the ‘bigger’ person – There will be times when you have to apologize without any fault of yours, communicate even when the other person is cringing. You have to clear the air, tell them how much sorry you are for your words and blah, blah, blah!

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Forget the past – We all get affected by our past. We can’t forget it at the click of a finger. That’s true! It’s equally true it is hard to leave it behind. The more you try to forget it, the more it chases you endlessly. You got to find a way to focus more on positive sides than negative ones.

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Be happy with yourself before anything else – If this doesn’t go well, nothing can go well. Your relation with yourself is something most important. Keep it healthy before you can expect other relationships to work smoothly.adult, affection, couple

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