What if you fall in love with somebody?

8 Questions People In Polyamorous Marriage Are Tired Of Getting !

Last year, a man and her fiancé opened their relationship as they considered viewing other folks. This shocked their families completely. Especially they both were about to get engaged! The family began torturing them with a volley of questions that troubled them both. Indeed, polyamorous marriages are generally not accepted by the society. People can’t seem to swallow the non-monogamy of the relationship.

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Whenever a relationship falls outside the realm of a heterosexual monogamy, people get skeptic about the character of the other person. So, it is necessary that a few misconceptions about a polyamorous marriage are clarified.

Isn’t that cheating?

Once the terms and conditions of the marriage are clearly accepted upon by both the parties, you cannot classify it as “cheating”. Both the parties are absolutely honest and frank about each other’s feelings for the other partners they may have in their life. Both the partners are aware who the other one is dating. So, there is no question of cheating. The relationship is built on the foundation of trust.

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Aren’t you guys serious?

The open relationship between the two partners requires a lot of trust and confidence. If the relationship were not serious, the relationship would not be able to tolerate the stress. There needs to be respect, mutual understanding of each other’s boundaries in an “open” relationship.

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Isn’t it dangerous to sleep with other partners?

Once the adults are transparent about their medical statuses and undergo frequent STI tests, it isn’t as dangerous to sleep with other partners. It then carries the same amount of risk as in a monogamous marriage.Image result for boy girl relationship

What if you fall in love with somebody?

The punch line of a polygamous marriage – you can receive/feel/get love from partners other than your primary. Polyamorous marriage is based on the idea that love can happen with more than one partner. That is okay till the overpowering feeling is so strong that it can crush the relationship. In such cases, the partners can talk it out and avoid having the connections with the person concerned. This helps them deepen their relationship. So, falling in love with someone other than your primary partner isn’t a threat till it doesn’t cross a threshold.Related image

Do you talk about your other lovers with your partner?

Open, honest partners have no difficulty introducing some of the people they’re dating to their partners. They discuss each other’s dates, the interesting things that happened. But they take care to prioritize each other over others.Image result for boy girl relationship

Don’t you get jealous?

Polyamorous marriages are not for jealous people. These are for those who trust their partner completely. Even if such a situation arises, like your wife is so jealous with you for dating another girl too much, you need to talk it out or make her understand she’s still your primary concern in the marriage. It is the willingness to allow your partner to explore other pursuits that makes the marriage successful.Image result for boy girl relationship

Why did you get into this stuff?

People have natural instincts to find and feel more love. To love and being loved is a special feeling. For those in a relationship, who want to explore more love without strings attached, if they can develop enough security and trust, their marriage can be successful. The relationship is opened with the hope of both achieving their fullest sexual potential in and out of the bedroom.Related image

How do you get energy for so many partners?

Well, if social fatigue bothers you, then certainly you can’t be a partner in this marriage. You need to feel the social interaction with others as energizing, rejuvenating, then only can you hope to be thereImage result for boy with somany girls

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