4 Things You Should Never Demand From Your Partner

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1. Don’t pressurize them to let go of their past relations –
You may not like your accomplice’s closest friends. You may think they are a waste of time. You are entitled to your opinion. You can impart your worries to your accomplice but you can’t force them to accept your opinion unquestioningly. After all, those people are their closest friends. Who doesn’t treasure their oldest relationships? They certainly feel an incentive in keeping those relationships alive. Anyway, the choice must be theirs and only theirs whether to keep those friends or not. Besides, you must try to be polite to some extent to them.

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2. Don’t accept them to change for you –
If they hate dancing, don’t force them to accompany you to the club. They may come voluntarily but the choice needs to be theirs alone. Also, most people keep carping the defects in their partner’s personality. Remember, their personality is their own making. It is shaped by their desires, goals, ambitions and plans. Try to give them some space, some liberty in regard to these issues. If they truly want to change themselves, the feeling must originate from within. You can act as a catalyst but not as an agent of change.

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