4 Things You Should Never Demand From Your Partner

Image result for financially broke person3. Don’t hold your partner accountable for your financial comfort – It is unfair to assume your accomplice as being so immaculate as to share your financial burden completely. They have their own obligations to fulfill. If anything seriously troubling happens, do share it with your partner and try to reach a solution. Maybe, you need to spend less or adopt a more preservationist approach to spending. Maybe, you need to look for additional sources of salary. Discuss these things out. If they must help, it must be voluntary and coercion-free.

Boy in Red and White Baseball Jersey Tilt Shift Lens Photography4. Don’t ask them to abandon their passion – You might see their passions and hobbies as being totally futile. It’s okay. But for them, they are a part of their personality. Asking them to abandon these means asking them to give up a part of themselves. Yes, you can always involve your accomplice in learning newer, better things. But always give them time to pursue their own interests otherwise it might result in potential anger.

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