25 Ways She Tells You She Loves You

That she loves you, she may not confess so openly. Girls have this habit of hiding their feelings, expecting their crush to understand it. Well, don’t worry. We are here to help you out. Women may not be direct with their words. So they use other tactics to give you a clue of their feelings. You must learn to read them otherwise you’ll head nowhere.

1. She invents a zillion pet names for you.
2. She squeezes your hand.
3. She just looks at you and says nothing.
4. She hits a “like” when she sees your post.Image result for shy girl
5. She cries in front of you.
6. She tries to win over your cats.
7. She texts to tell you about funny things like Lunch.
8. She rolls her eyes at you.
9. Sends a makeup-free pic of hers.
10. She cooks for you.Image result for girl cooking for a boy
11. Does things you love even if that means stepping out of her comfort zone.
12. Reaches out to you in the midst of all.
13. She misses you like crazy.
14. Names you p*nis.
15. She loses her temper.Image result for girl losing her temper at boy
16. Tugs your earlobes.
17. Trusts you with her heart.
18. Expects you to tell her everything truly.
19. Asks you for what she needs.
20. FARTS in front of you and laughs.Image result for girl farting
21. Watches you get dressed up eagerly
22. Wraps you in her arms and says NEVER GO.
23. Reminds you to take your medicine.
24. She gives you a shelf in her bathroom.
25. She runs out of words and doesn’t stretch the conversation.

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